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At  Weight Loss Solutions we inspire you to change your life with our Lose 1 Pound A Day program.

We are located in North Hollywood, CA and offer services to anyone who wants a change.

Over 20,000 patients in Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles reached their weight loss goals with the help of our clinics.

Our Lose 1 Pound A Day program individualizes lifestyle solutions for men, women, and children.

Weight Loss Solutions provide assistance you need to lose the weight and also maintain your weight while continuing to live a healthy life. With over 30 years of experience, our staffs of medical professionals are waiting to provide you with support and guidance needed to reach your weight loss goals.

Because we focus solely on weight management, our licensed medical staff in North Hollywood, CA is able to provide the time and personal care needed for each individual patient. We offer medically supervised weekly and bi-weekly programs customized for your individual needs.

Each time you visit our office in North Hollywood you will consult with our highly trained licensed medical providers, without any extra fees. During these FREE sessions you can ask your most desired questions such as, discuss changes to your weight management program, and how to continue the support needed to reach and maintain your weight loss goal!

Come in now to our North Hollywood Weight Loss Solutions center. Our staff is on hand waiting to provide you with personalized care you are looking for.

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Weight Loss Solutions  | Lose 1 Pound A Day |4841 Laurel Canyon Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91607

Office Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00a.m. -  8:00p.m.   Contact Us: (818) 985-7900 | website: www.lose1poundaday.com

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